FAQ – Leadscoring

How do I know what interests are likely to convert?

You as marketer are only interested in those leads that are most likely to convert. Inbound activities show what the lead is interested in.

As part of the implementation the lead scoring model has been implemented. Tuning the lead scoring is something that can be done if there is a lot of data available and this data is understood very well.

To give you a feeling for the scoring of interests it is good to know what the defaults are.

Most important is to note that interests have a limited lifespan. You are interested in what is happening now and not what happened 6 months ago. To make this possible the default lifespan of an interest is 3 months. Every day the interests are recalculated to include only those inbound activities that where performed and scored in the last 3 months.

Activity defaults are:

Read on the website: 1

A download activity: 5

Starting a video: 3

Watching a video to the end: 5

Lifetime: 3 months

What are the different kinds of interaction a user can perform?

It is important to note that activities by people have different meaning depending on the channel/medium they are in.

In Mi8 we have smoothed these differences out by using a different set of names to determine what type of action a person undertook.

These are: Interaction, Read, and No

Reading a page in the website necessitates a click. A click in a newsletter is often of a different order as the person is switching channel/medium and the link in the email is almost always accompanied by an excerpt of the content on the website. The difference lays in the intent and level of interest a person displays. So a click on a website is marked as a read and a click in an email is marked as an interaction.

What exactly an interaction on the website is depends on the intent and level of interest someone displays. Filling out a form, downloading a document and viewing a video on the website are marked as interactions.

What are interests?

It is good to know what are regarded interests and why. Interests are activities that show “interest” in a certain product or service. For an online magazine this might be the general topic of the blog or article. For a company that is selling paper this might be different groups of paper.

When there are products being sold almost always the interests are the same as the product tree of the company. Often a few more general ones that denote interest in contact or company are added in addition to the product interests.

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