FAQ – Landing page

How to use the landing page

The landing page is shown after login. This page shows limited information over a variety of items the logged in user has access to.

A: Top menu is used for information that is not profile specific and not a part of creating communication.

B: Menu bar used by marketers to interact with profile data.

C: Shows the toolbar for easy access to functionality. Only the functionality the user has access to will be shown.

D: If the user has access to the trend dashboard a quick overview of the sessions per date will be shown here.

E: The sessions shown here are dependent on both the domain and the selected date range (defaults to the past month).
Note that the domain can only be switched if you have multiple websites connected to Mi8.

F: If the user has access to the management dashboard the transactions per date will be shown. Note this data is dependent on the date range selected but not on the domain.

G: Here the upcoming workflows are shown if the user has access to the workflows.

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