FAQ – Introduction

What kind of tools is Mi8 using?

There used to be 8 tools that made up Mi8 (Marketing Intelligence 8). Some of those tools have been merged into others.

There are now in total 4 tools that comprise Mi8 Marketing Cloud. Some might be referenced to in the manual.

  • Mi8 frontend, this is the interface that is provided where the marketer can make changes, create groups, workflows, see dashboards and all the other work a marketer does.
  • The Profile updater, this tool does all the hard work of computing patterns, updating general information, scoring the profiles among others. This is an automated application.
  • The Analytics Updater, this tool manages all website visits and transforms this data for use in the dashboards. This tool runs real-time and updates the analytics data every 5 minutes.
  • The Workflow tool, this is an automated application that executes the created workflows, manages import and exports, retrieves data from remote systems and is connected to all outbound communication systems. Tasks for the workflow tool are retrieved 5 minutes in advance and are executed at the exact time as configured in the workflow.
  • Rest API, This is the API that is available to the Mi8. You can use this API to add and retrieve data from the Mi8.

How does Mi8 work?

The goal of Mi8 is to provide the marketer with as much and as up-to-date information as possible. To do this it is important to note that there are two levels of data gathered by Mi8.

  1. Trend information, this data is found mainly in the dashboards.
  2. Data on a personal (profile) level. This data is used in creating segments of profiles.

All data gathered about customers stems from the relationship and interaction the client has with the company. There are a lot of channels for communication available and often all those channels are used to some extent by the company.

The result is that customer data is spread out over multiple systems and channels. Nowhere is there a complete view of the customer journey.

To solve this problem Mi8 gathers all data created in the interaction between company and client. This is done by automated import of data from other systems like CRM, ERP, mail system, etc and by measuring interactions performed by the client. Data is analyzed and placed with the right profile automatically. 


This data can then be used in segmenting your clients based upon their shown interests, behavioral patterns, transactions and many other interrelations.

An example of this could be all profiles that: have a transaction for a specific product, downloaded a whitepaper and clicked a specific link in an email.

The created segments are then used to communicate with your clients. Outgoing communication is tagged and personalized. Interactions with the communication provide the system with new information. This is a perpetual process of communicating, gathering data, refining segmentation, refining content and back to communication.

Keep testing and refining your communication and you will see more loyal clients and significant higher responsiveness to your communication.

Find your way in the FAQ’s

Some information has a specific value and is denoted in the sideline by a symbol:

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Note that we use ‘client’ but this can be read as client, prospect or customer; whatever suits your company best.

In images we often place letters in red to give context to the description. These letters are used to describe functionality.

The order of the manual follows the menu items from left to right and top to bottom.

So in order, we will describe the home page, dashboards, settings, user settings and account settings. Then we will describe the profile(s), search, groups, workflows and finally the quick export.

Introduction: What is the idea behind Mi8 Marketing Cloud?

Mi8 Marketing Cloud has been developed based upon two basic concepts:

  • Low entry barrier: easy to use, quick to implement.
  • Open: All data that goes in can come out.

You can find the ease of use in the fact that all connections with data-sources, interpretation of data and gathering of analytics have been automated. 

The target audience of the product and manual are marketers that have little knowledge of the technical side of marketing.

The openness of Mi8 is found in the ease of implementation in an existing ICT environment. The implementation is not in scope of this manual.

We really appreciate feedback on using Mi8. We strive to make using Mi8 as easy as possible with as little effort as possible. If you have any feedback or ideas please let us know. Some of the most powerful functionalities in Mi8 have first been suggested by our customers.

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