FAQ – Dashboards

How to read interests on the general dashboard

The interests are ordered by most popular; the most popular is the one on top.

A: The pie chart shows the distribution of the score for the given interest. On the right there is an overview of the amount of profiles and the percentage that have shown the interest.

How to read patterns on the general dashboard

The overview of the patterns shows how many of your profiles fit the pattern and if they are used in groups.

The patterns are not dependent on the date range.

A: Gives the name of the pattern, the amount of profiles match the pattern, the percentage and if the pattern is used in a group. The groups can be directly clicked to using the link.

How to read the general dashboard

The general dashboard provides insight into the status of your profiles, patterns and interests.

A: An overview of the totals is shown here.

B: The line chart shows the average profile score per date. The pie chart shows how the scores are distributed.

C: The line chart shows the average discount score per date. The pie chart shows how the scores are distributed.

D: This chart shows the growth of the amount of profiles. Per date the total profiles is shown.

How to read interests on the product dashboard

The interests tab show the associated interests and other products bought by the profiles that bought the selected product.

How to read demographics on the product dashboard

The demographics tab shows information about the profiles that buy these products compared to the overall population of profiles.

In all cases the age distribution, gender and amount of transactions are show as comparisons.

Left is the product information and right is the statistics of the total of your profiles.

If you have custom fields that are numeric these will also be added to this view.

How to read geographical reach on the product dashboard

The geo tab show the locations and amount relative to the size of the dot of the sales in a given place. With this view you can determine where for example you have gaps in your sales and what regions are performing well. Based upon these insights you can determine what is working and what is lacking.

How to read the product dashboard

The product dashboard shows for a given product the geographical reach, demographic information and the associated interests of the profiles.

The overview in the general tab shows the most sold and best revenue products for the selected time. This will help you find the information you need.

How to read OS and browser details on the marketing dashboard

This tab provides insight in the devices, and browsers used on your website. Note that this tab is dependent on the domain! The first two tables include only data from mobile and tablets used to visit the website.

A: This table shows what mobile devices are used and how many sessions there where.

B: This table shows what mobile operating system and which browser where used.

C: This table shows an overview of all traffic including desktop to provide a complete picture of the browser, os and os version used.

How to read behavior on the marketing dashboard

The behavior tab shows information about how visitors are behaving on the site. Note this tab is dependent on the selected domain!

An important thing to note is that the timing and day of your communication might be a lot different per domain that is connected to Mi8. The information in this tab can be a good place to look for quick wins in regards to optimizing your outbound communication.