2018 European Digital Marketing Survey


A recent European Digital Marketing Survey has given insight into marketing automation and the current state of Digital Marketing. Because to help your business understand the key trends of 2018, and improve you turnover? Then read on to the outcomes of professional research into essential knowledge for all marketers.

In 2018, small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) are increasingly using data-driven marketing automation to increase engagement and sales. Marketing automation reduces the effort and time marketers on repetitive tasks of digital marketing. This includes sending out emails or text messages to potential leads, while managing personalized relationships with their customers. The tool allows marketers to automate their business efforts to maximize time spent on content and producing efficient data on customers.

The European Digital Marketing Survey found that 48% of marketers believe their marketing effectiveness is ‘good’ or ‘very good’. Those responding to the survey belong to different sectors from Retail to Software, Finance, Training and much more, showing how prevalent marketing automation has become. Although 59% of the respondents used marketing automation tools, their decision-making-use marketing automation platforms were based on a variety of factors such as: tool, to name a few.

The chart above breaks these down with the question: ‘What Affects the Most Your Decision to Purchase the Marketing Automation Platform?’ The top 3 requirements for marketers are the possibilities for integration, cost of implementation and knowledge base. The needs of these marketers, and yours company, can be found in the Mi8 Marketing Cloud. It is a marketing automation tool that can be quickly implemented by marketers. It integrates with the pre-existing environment, allowing for historical data to be put into the system. Not only is the Mi8 simple to use, it costs a competitors. This is particularly attractive to SMBs who have a lower budget but still need data management and marketing automation platform.

What can be gathered from this report is that marketing automation is key to marketers and is a tool that is being invested into by more and more brands. As the survey found that 27% are planning to invest in technology such as tools for Marketing Automation.
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